Since February of this year, I’ve been spending on average $2K per month on services to move my business forward.

In May, I experienced my highest income month in my business to date which has been my income goal since last year.

You know what I felt?


That number equated to safety in my body.

I was safe to pay my bills.
I was safe to feed my children.
I was safe to invest in my business.

And because I was safe, I felt I could invest in my health and well-being with a new fitness program.

But out of habit, I pulled that feeling of safety away.

Out of the habit or familiar feeling of living on the edge and feeling that I always NEED to be in DOING mode I didn’t just allow myself to sit in that feeling of safety.

Is that ironic or what?

Well, it was after I effectively spent all that money that I had realized what I had done.

I stopped and asked myself, “Why am I spending money, really?”

And what does money really mean to me on a basic level:

The answer was SECURITY.

So, instead of doing what I usually do and that is spend OVER my safe number I am honoring myself and allowing myself to FEEL safe for extended periods of time.

As a recovering people-pleaser and current breadwinner, that takes a LOT of strength.

This decision means that I am choosing to actively refrain from something I’ve been doing MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Spend all my money in the name of helping others.
Get anxious and feel the urge to lash out.
Make all the money back.

And what is worse is that people will tell you that you aren’t a REAL entrepreneur unless you are effectively CONSTANTLY uncomfortable.

That’s manipulation, folks. Stop doing that.

You know what i want now?

I want my clients to be in a place where they feel SAFE in their bodies and minds as they invest with me.

I don’t want it EVER to be a matter of food, bills, or my services.

I want SELF-SUFFICIENT game-changers to invest in my services because they want to and not because they feel that without my services, they will fail.

Wrong energy.

So why do YOU spend money? And are you honoring that feeling you experience by truly embracing it or do you actively get rid of money just as fast it comes in the name of living on the edge?

No judgment. I’ve done it, too.