Are you resistant to the next level but committed to showing up anyway? Do this!

This past week I created 5 unique workshops for one of my communities, developed a webinar, completed cold calls for real estate, wrote client marketing campaigns, and still have so much more to do.

I have to admit that I had a WTF Amanda! moment.

You ever just want to be normal for a minute and slow down, make excuses, and whine about how much it isn’t fair?

Well, you definitely get to HAVE your human emotions and moments.

But don’t you DARE allow those moments to become DAYS or worse YEARS where you pouted, whined, and moaned about how fucking HARD it is to step into your desires. Purpose to remainĀ committed to the results.

Ask yourself, “Where am I still trying to CONTROL rather than step into ease, flow, and grace?”

“Where am I using masculine energy where feminine energy works better?”

“Where am I falling back where I need to STEP UP?”

See, this thing we called LIVING PURPOSE doesn’t happen without moments where you don’t feel like showing up.

But one muscle that I’ve built this quarter, much more than last year is showing up and doing whatever it takes until it takes SO HELP ME God because of my commitment to what my Soul asks of me.

It’s not always EASY. In fact, most days I ask more of myself than I did the days previous.

But now, I have the momentum WITHIN that is only developed from constantly showing up regardless of what I FEEL like doing…

  • yes, I have my moments.
  • yes, I decompress to come back stronger.

..but because I have BECOME THE PERSON that will do the work even when she doesn’t feel like it I have the results others only DREAMED possible for themselves.

And that’s not the sexy answer but it is the answer to getting everything you ever DREAMED possible for your life.

Keep going. Keep showing up anyway! Soon the sky will open up and give way for you to step into your glorious desires.