Tesa Colvin, Book Publishing Consultant (Client)

When Tesa came to me she had already acquired her first paying clients and developed a true expertise as a book publisher. She acquired her expertise after investing in both professional training and personal experience as a self-published author of multiple best-selling Amazon books.

However, she had not created a program that allowed her clients to see her as the authority as a book publisher, her messaging and niche profile was not clear, and she wanted to create a premium program that allowed her clients to experience true transformation in their life and businesses.

This case study shares what Tesa has achieved while working together, how we did it, and what both the coach and the client learned from this experience.

- Tesa Colvin

Book Publishing Consultant for Experts, Borrow My MBA, www.borrowmymba.com

What stage are you in your business? *
I have already landed my first paying clients and need to refine my messaging so that I can attract more ideal clients.
What would you say to a friend or colleague who was asking about working with Amanda Hines?
I would say that Amanda is thorough because she really helps you to identify where you are, and where you want ot be in your business. She teaches you the value of doing the pre-work to set yourself up for success. I would also stress that she does not try to change your vision, but will help you do the work to vet it and do the market research that will keep you from wasting time and money. i woudl say she is a powerhouse and just who any business owner ready to scale needs to make it happen.
How specifically has Amanda Hines helped you with your business? *
Amanda, helped me to really drill down and package my zone of genius. She helped me out of the frustration of creating what i thought people wanted and into identifying my signature program, THEN finding the people who needs it the most.
Did you reach any milestones from receiving my help or expertise? *
I have 2 signature programs that support businessess in 2 different levels AND I have a book collaboration program that is getting great traction. Without Amanda’s expertise I would not have been able to properly create and offer these options.
What was your business like before working with Amanda Hines? *
Before amanda, my business was a virtual ghost town. I was frustrated with the information I had recieved (the standard clients are waiting in groups) and I was unclear about who I was in business, even though I hadclient previously. I was lost.
What did the changes mean for your business?
I have people signing up for my Book Project, and I have gained clarity and confidence to get people on the phone, extend an offer, and close the sale. Before I was timid, because I was uncertain of my offer, but thanks to Amanda I know what I know, and I know that it’s needed.
What specific feature did you like about { working with me or from the product you purchased }? *
I liked that it included packaging of my expertise, and a break down of the income strategy I needed to be successful. The thoroughness of the program is top notch and I feel more like a business owner instead of saying that I’m one.

Tesa was the FIRST client to bring a completely new type of project to me as she desired to create a group offer which a hefty goal of 44 new clients to participate which would equate to a multiple five figure launch. 

Not having done anything like this before, I checked the best practices and we worked hard to setup her project as a seed launch to successfully bring in new people for her project.

Tesa is unique in that she already has a clear understanding of the technical aspects such as creating websites, setting up landing pages, and she is a phenomenal writer. However, she did not have a clear client acquisition process that worked for her personality.

In the first 30 days, Tesa has acquired 7 new paying clients that have PAID IN FULL for her book project. 

What was our process to getting the first 7 paying clients?

First, we cleaned up Tesa’s niche profile, created two solid offers, the price points, and the messaging around them.

Second, we validated the project within the marketplace. There were other consultants and experts that had something similar to what Tesa wanted to offer. However, the unique difference is that they were marketers and not book publishers.

Once we validated the offer, we needed to generate qualified leads. So we created targeted marketing messages to attract her target audience. The marketing message created 15 interested leads within 4 hours. We also composed a list of experts that matched her client profile whom she did not have a pre-existing relationship with. At the end of this process, Tesa had over 200 leads.

Next, we created an outreach campaign. The campaign showed which experts were truly qualified, their motivations for the project, and their objections. She was able to clean up her list, record the common objections, and refine her messaging for the next wave of marketing messages.

The project is still going back I wanted to give you an inside view as to Tesa’s experience working with me. Again, its only been 30 days but I have full confidence that she WILL sell out the project with her goal of more than a dozen participants.