In January of this year, I wrote a piece to talk about the logistics as to why it took me ten months to build out a proper FB ads marketing campaign for my consultancy.

In it, I talked about my experiences working with FB ads technicians and one strategist.

I talk about all the things I did at the time that I thought were enough and should have proved to bring forth a positive end result but you know what?

I don’t fully agree with what I wrote in January and here’s my updated account of why that experience was not fruitful and in fact what I believe now.

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As mentioned in the article, my goal was to automate my prospecting and sales tactics into an automated funnel so that I could focus more on the client fulfillment piece of my business and increase my revenue in time for Summer.

I hired marketing agencies, put together assets to aid them in being successful, and on the surface did a lot of things to ensure this was a successful project from the beginning.

But here’s where I missed the mark:

I didn’t have a proper vetting process for the marketing experts to begin with and if there is one thing that I’ve learned about hiring since now adding four people to my team it is that your effectiveness in hiring has a lot more to do with the success of your hire than most entrepreneurs give it credit.

A bad hiring process including finding, vetting, and on-boarding the individual or team will make a world of difference.

There is a massive difference between hiring a Facebook ad strategist versus a technician and in the first set of instances I hired technicians.

I also missed the mark because I was overly committed to controlling the process and following through with a particular strategy versus being married to the intentions and results of the campaign.

$7K+ later with no mediocre launched ads I realized that I could have just spent another month or two vetting teams, reviewing their training, and reaching out to past clients to find a match.

Yes, I ended up taking a phenomenal course that helped me to better understand how to setup and operate the ads platform but that didn’t end up getting me to my end goal of creating a self-liquidated offer that broke-even the costs of my advertising nor did I get any sales from the ads I ran.

I honestly believe {now} that my strategy for the ads were flawed and after taking to a consummate expert she informed me how off my strategy was.

Yes, my strategy works well for completely organic high-touch prospecting but her experience proved that this strategy doesn’t exactly translate on the ads platform unless you have an unlimited budget to blow through to generate the energy required to eventually see minuscule returns.

I resisted webinar funnels because I thought they were not route I personally wanted to take.

I controlled the social challenge funnel because I thought I knew what was best and would convert.

I under-prepared as it related to vetting and interviewing for the right person being in a hurry to get this piece up and running.

And so internally I was working from a fearful place rather than an empowered one.

Yes, with the right vetting process, releasing control of the strategy and holding firm to the intentions and the results there is still a chance that I could have walked away with negative experiences but I would have done as much as within my personal ability to get the most positive experience.

Essentially, I hope to get it across to you that when you align your vibration – which is responsible for your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors – you are dramatically increasing your chances of getting your desires come into fruition.

This is radical self-responsibility.

You are NO-ONE’S victim.

You get into gear and commit to the intentions and results first. Allow God to take care of the rest.