Every month that I’ve generated a spike in income was a month that I was vibrationally aligned to showing up, selling, and making offers.

However, because I released attachment to having my business rely on me I also started incorporating recurring revenue into my business model so that my income would be more stable and not fully rely on active income.

In order words, even if I didn’t sell JACK that month I was still getting paid with predictability.

But even with recurring revenue streams, you have to understand something:

If you desire to make A HELLUVA lot more money, you have to show up in a HELLUVA greater way.

For me, this week that looks like:

– Calling and connecting with title agencies to solidify my real estate deals which is give me the green light to pursue another 5 deals for May.

– Investing in mentorship to help me align to more affluent clients and partnerships.

– Hiring a marketing ninja to add to my team to execute on the vision with my programs and offers so I can step out of that piece except as to relates to bringing MORE fire, heart, and presence to the table.

– Selling, selling, and selling some more because it will, MUST come back to me in whichever shape or form the Universe so decides.

So, where are you refusing to show up and therefore the money is refusing to show up for you?

Clear and delete that shit.
Step DEEPER into your Sovereignty.