Most entrepreneurs that are still on the struggle bus aren’t there because they aren’t smart enough.

It is not because they don’t work enough or are too lazy.

Their struggle is not because they are necessarily procrastinating all day, scrolling social media hoping for a client to come through, or that they refuse to do the income-producing activities.

The struggle actually comes from the fact that they know exactly WHAT to do but it doesn’t feel like it is within alignment for them to put into practice {right now}.

It is the:
“It doesn’t feel right for me!”
“It isn’t within integrity for me to do that, yet!”
“It isn’t my time!”
“I am not ready!”

And here’s where this shows up directly for you:


I will hire the virtual assistant/team member/cleaner/ support person AFTER I achieve X, Y, and Z results in my business to prove myself worthy, deserving, READY for such things!

You don’t KNOW everything {nor should you strive to}.
You cannot DO everything *well* {nor should you desire to}.

You are meant to operate in your zone of genius and the place where you will have the most pleasure, purpose, and profitability which could never come without banding together with others who are equally operating in their zones of genius for the purpose of fulfilling your mission.


We BOTH know that your services are worth a hell of a lot more than what you are currently charging.

We BOTH know that the money you earn doesn’t even BEGIN to frame out the FULL OF VIBRANCY life that you feel deep in your Spirit is meant for you and if you could just drop the story around charging APPROPRIATELY because let’s face it – you can never charge your “worth” (that’s regurgitated poor use of language that keeps people stuck for generations).

What you may not realize is that your refusal to charge appropriately could cost you your purpose, mission, and vision.

If that’s the cost could it ever be worth it? Only you can answer that.


You feel like because the coachpreneurs tell you that you have to do one-to-one consulting or you have to do group programs or you have to do self-study courses (or whatever else they are screaming at you) and that you must charge $10K when $10K isn’t the charge appropriately number for your services…

That you aren’t ready or valid as a businesswoman.

Lady, let me be the one to tell you the truth:

Most of the people telling you this MAY get a $10K client here or there but consistently? Like daily? Not a chance.

Soul-aligned clients they love and adore? Nope.

A business that allows them to travel, be away from the business to enjoy their families, and feels aligned to their mission? HA!

The way to that liberation is NOT being the sole operator for your business.

You have to cultivate culture, create systems, and provide high-level support that are purposed for you to get paid DAILY from multiple sources.

So if you have courses, cool! What else can you create from a space of this feels good and right for me to share with my community? What else feels likes something they would benefit from and totally say YES to?

Create that.
Sell that.
Market that {and if your not sure how, PM me – a marketing strategist and genius that is gifted in that area}.
Systematize that {better yet, hire the systems genius to systematize it for you}.

And how you FULFILL your services should also not be limited to you feeling like it which is where the resistance comes up for so many.

I don’t feel like doing sales consults today but yet my business model relies 100% on it.

I don’t feel like showing up in FB groups today but yet my marketing strategy relies 100% on it.

I don’t feel like selling that course/offer/program today but yet that is the only course/offer/program that I have in my Rolodex.

Do you see the problems with this?

It is not wise nor the path of least resistance for you to continue to operate this way.

But the reason you don’t upgrade is because it doesn’t feel right….yet.

See the trap?

Work on vibrating at the energetic level that makes you feel ready NOW because there is no amount of external work that will get you to feel ready.

Upgrade your internal systems so that your integrity system is actually calibrated as it was intended to be versus what society or the coachpreneurs want to preach is right for you.

The way you do that is to hire an energy worker that is aligned to the internal work on the deepest of levels and can shock your whole fucking system back to Sovereignty.

In the Sovereign Business Academy our members will begin working with our resident energy worker that does exactly in the month of July.

Learn more here:

The only way to ever charge appropriately, hire the right support, and create the business that is aligned to you is to FOCUS INWARD FIRST.

Get your internal systems on board NOW and join us for a full transformation on how you look at your business as it relates directly to your CORE identity.

You ready?

See you on the inside: