A few months ago, a multiple seven figure earner approached me offering to help me take my business to the next level.This person had achieved an incredible client base, he had a beautiful visual brand, and solid operations that fueled his company. But he and his team lacked one little known trait clients need to hire you: integrity

Whenever you think about working with a new coach, mentor, or strategist, don’t start with their results.

Don’t even start with the results they’ve achieved or helped their clients achieve.

Always begin with their values and what is most important to them.

I believe that most service-based experts live within the integrity of their core values and if you pay attention to the way they do business, those values will show up clearly.

The top value that should show in everything you say, do, and even in the clients you attract should be integrity.

Integrity is my top value not only as a businessperson but also as a human being. I strive to stay away from people who don’t keep their word.

In my eyes, word is bond.

What you say must match what you do.

Integrity is a measure of how much I can trust you. Trust is a currency in business.

Once your audience feels they can trust you, it becomes easy to persuade them to connect with you on a deeper level and build sustainable relationships.

Trust is what has allowed me to close sales.

Following through on my word is what has helped my clients to achieve world-class results in short waves of time. Deep trust has led to those same clients deciding to resign to work with me for another year.

Ultimately, your values show up in your work.

They show up in your speech.

They show up everywhere in your brand’s message both spoken and unspoken.

So now that you are conscious of your brand’s top values being present in all of your messaging, here’s 3 ways to make sure that your messaging is consistently showing that you are trustworthy.

1. Clarity
Are you introducing yourself as having the same expertise regardless of who you’re speaking to?

Just yesterday, a woman reached out to me in Facebook Messenger pretending to be genuinely interested in getting to know me. When I asked about her work, she told me that she was a business coach, a mindset coach, and a network marketer who had just started about three months ago.

Immediately, she lost all credibility in my eyes because she couldn’t clarify what her actual experience was to me and when I looked around her social media, the message was inconsistent.

One day she was running a training on how to find your ideal clients and in the next breath she was sharing about how you can join her exclusive opportunity.

She was not clear and it was costing her trust in my eyes and most likely in the eyes of everyone that would have been her potential client.

Are you clear on the value that you bring to your ideal clients and what they walk away with as a result of working with you?

If you have developed a skill-set from being in the trenches and helping people, learning by doing and allowing experience to be your teacher, you can go back and ask what were the results that your recipients received from your work.

If you have a particular knowledge base and have no working experience, the greatest way to achieve clarity is by finding people and building that experience up over time. Clarity comes from doing and no amount of thinking will amount to the level of clarity as experience.

2. Value
Are you building a true relationship with your audience from the lowest point of awareness, giving them the tools they need to experience small wins without having to invest largely or are you holding back?

One of the biggest issues that I’ve had with the coaching industry was the focus on pitching those who were feeling desperate for your services because they were the most likely to invest in them.

However, I found that this was outside of integrity with me and the ethical thing was to actually educate those people on what their true problems were, the process to coming to a resolution no-holds bar, and then inviting them to work with me to achieve the resolution if they were highly qualified based on my lead scoring process.

This allows you to give as much value to your audience as your heart can muster without fear that you are giving away the kingdom.

If your desire is to attract clients that are of integrity, focused on results, and not looking for a handout you’d attract higher caliber clients that are using your content as a means to know that you are the qualified expert they want to hire to fast-track their results.

Tire-kickers and energy vampires want to watch your free content, consume it, and then take no action. You have to coerce them and instill more fear into them to take action. It’s a vicious cycle.

So, give more value and provide deeper and richer content that shows you are trustworthy among your ideal clients.

3. Transparency
I remember following a well-known marketing expert online and thinking how perfect her programs and services looked. She appeared to be of high integrity as she talked about how much she tested her processes and frameworks to make sure they were repeatable and duplicatable.

But for some odd reason, I did not feel connected to her. I felt she was relatable in that she was a strong woman, a businessperson, and wanted financial freedom but I didn’t feel she was giving a fair and accurate account of what it took for her to get to that level of success.

Years later, clients shared how they’d invested in her programs yet she wasn’t present. There was an overwhelming amount of information but no humanness or added support in the event students did not fully comprehend her program’s material.

One of the quickest and surefire ways to instill trust from your audience is transparency. Your audience wants to feel that you identify with their humanness and that they don’t have to be perfect to work with you or to be around you.

Being transparent and showing your students your experiences, your values, your beliefs, and your shortcomings make it easy for your audience to trust you. It also makes it easier for you to express yourself without fear that you have to keep an unachievable image of perfection.

This well-meaning marketer could have added more value to her brand’s message by sharing what her beliefs were as it related to business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and shared more about her path to financial success.

I don’t believe she is a bad marketer or that she is not to be trusted but I do think she could have added a deeper insight into who she is by making it easier for more people to feel secure in working with her.

In my experience, transparency helps people identify if you are the right service-provider for them. Many people teach the same tactics and employ similar strategies but their values, beliefs, experiences, and personality help to determine if there is a long-term relationship potential.

So what are your top values and are they coming across clearly in your brand message?