It is no secret that I started my consultancy on unemployment.

It is also no secret that I came to a point where I was more committed to doing everything within my power to see a return on my knowledge than to stay in that place and shortly after created $39K in sales within a period of a month and three days.

I wrote an article about what I would tell prospects in a similar financial situation to do if they truly desired to step into their next-level of prosperity and activate God’s promises of abundance into their lives.

You can check that out here:

But here’s what I didn’t say because I simply didn’t have the experience that I now have:

Although you can get your start and even out of that desperate place by investing those 40 minutes in implementing what you spend 20 minutes consuming (read the article for the full reference) you cannot outwork a desolate mindset.

See, I have experienced months where I earned more in a month than I did in my last job for 6 months. In those months, I sabotaged by questioning whether I deserved such money, whether I was being ungrateful and betraying my bloodline for earning such money. I procrastinated myself out of clients and into hell-no client situations.

I was addicted to struggle and there was no amount of hustle and implementation that could set me free from ME.

I had to release every thought, belief, and behavior that aligned with believing anything less than the truth of my Sovereignty.

Sovereignty is the truth of your identity in your Creator and once you fully align to that you no longer question – even for a second – who you are and whose you are.

So, what would I shift all those months ago?

I would have tripled down on how much I invested on my vibrational alignment and would have ensured I invested in the communities of the people that lived out the lifestyles and business I desired.

For every hour I invested in my business, I would have spent 30 minutes aligning my vibration, 20 minutes in consuming the content to learn the new skill, strategy, or tactic, and invested the remaining 10 minutes in implementation.

As a newbie business-owner these numbers wouldn’t have made sense to me because I didn’t have the wisdom and understanding that I have around vibrational alignment that I do today.

And if you are a newer business owner or simply a business owner that hasn’t been exposed to what it truly means to be in complete vibrational alignment and know that there is something missing from your business…

If you feel like you should have at least 10x greater results for the level of physical energy, financial investment, and emotional labor for your business then you are probably outside of your vibrational alignment.

Vibrational alignment is a large topic and I will explain as many examples of where it has affected my business in an entirely new post but here’s the jist:

Vibrational alignment in your business is the equivalent of starting from a course in Spanish after being born in a Spanish home, exposed to the Spanish culture, and a native to the language from birth versus being thrown into the course for the first time with no idea that Spanish people exist even though you have Spanish grandparents.

Just because something is in your bloodline and is truly a part of who you are does not mean that it will feel automatic and natural to you.

Once you get into alignment with your Spiritual identity, you start to release ideas, thoughts, and emotions that do not align to you becoming exceedingly successful in your business.

It becomes unnatural for you NOT to become successful when you are in vibrational alignment.

You don’t feel emotionally attached to tactics and strategies because you realize your primary vision and purpose is prosperity; not control.

You step deeper into your natural design as a creator and leader and focus more on the vision realized than being the taskmaster to get the work done.

And if you are starting from a place of vibrational alignment, you don’t make decisions from a place of worry, fear, or desperation because you are connected to the Abundant One.

These words come from experience that has generated wisdom; they are not new and many sages before me have uttered something similar but I hope that you truly do have the spiritual ears to hear to heed these words.

P.S. There are no dumb questions as it relates to understanding this so do reach out with questions about how does one acquire vibrational alignment.