What do you tell prospects that hold every pre-requisite to working with you except the one thing that allows them to sign the contract?

You know what I am talking about: the client doesn’t have the capital to invest with you but they possess the skills and hold the desire to succeed.

Because I started without capital and built my business from scratch my advice to these prospects is based on understanding one thing:

You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to become successful and that means you also need to tap into resourcefulness.

So here is the path that I recommend for prospects that do not have the capital to invest but are hungry for success:

Invest using your time.

If the prospect has a lot of free time but not much money, they are still in the running to create their own success story.

With their time, they can read articles, subscribe to podcasts, borrow relevant books from the library, and consume the free resources that allow them to get started.

With that information, they should take lots of imperfect action. Sitting on the material and getting information-fat is not the answer.

For every 20 minutes they spend consuming the free resource, they should be spending the remaining 40 minutes of that hour implementing.

The prospect should be focused on resources that help them to get more capital such as prospecting and sales training and development.

If the prospect doesn’t have any income stream whatsoever, I tell them to get a job.

The idea of relying on someone else to provide for me and essentially having to be a burden to someone else inspired me to eat humble pie and take jobs that allowed me to invest in my own success.

Once the prospect has a job, they are now in a position to save a portion of their wages for the paid resources that expedite their ability to implement what they are learning from the free resources by proven practitioners, strategists, technicians, and mentors.

Once the prospect has either earned enough capital from their wages or through the implementation of what they learned from the free resources, I invite them to come back and work with me so that I can show them how to exponentially increase their revenue in as little as thirty days. 

So, if you know someone that is struggling to build their business and is 100% committed to becoming a raving success in business and life, share this with them so they know where to start.