In keeping up with the progression of what’s going on with my company, its hiring, and what I am learning today I am sharing with you what moves I’ve decided to make as it relates to getting a sales funnel strategist for my company.

Just two weeks ago, I decided to release all funnel building and implementation and hire for the role.

I researched what the role would entail.
My team added the role to my site with the job description and connected it to our interview process.

All that came back was a measly THREE responses (more on that later).

But I ended up discarding one as I immediately could tell it was a NO for me and interviewed the remaining two candidates.

Going into this, I thought that my budget wasn’t the largest for the role but I offer AMAZING intensives based on performance plus I am still paying a decent rate.

The right person would understand that based on what I shared about my company vision, our goals, our standards, and our payment structure.

One candidate and I immediately hit it off well and came highly recommended so I thought, “This MUST be the right person.”

The second candidate and I had was very experienced and very straight to business which I respected.

However, when I held the interviews I realized that the first candidate matches the attitude of the person I would love to have on my team but doesn’t necessarily have the strategic experience that I am looking for.

Whereas the second candidate comes fully loaded with the experience and know-how to get the job done.

Yet, she was completely out of my immediate budget.

So what did I do?

I decided to go back and see what type of training and development programs, mentors, and hands-on implementation I could get for the person that felt better for our team long-term.

And that’s HOW I HIRE.

I hire for spirit, attitude, and willing to do whatever it takes; NOT for experience.

This is exciting because I get to mold a team member into the EXACT experienced person that I want her to be without fear that she won’t be able to do the work and get the company the results we are after.

What does your hiring process look like?