If you’re anything like the majority of experts I know, you want your clients to experience exponential growth as a direct result of investing with you.

But what happens when you have a client that earns a great financial return – maybe even record-breaking – but lacks the remaining qualities of the soulmate client profile?

You don’t aspire to get more of these types of clients.

Because business is more than JUST revenue; it’s about relationships.

And I love long, passionate, deeply delicious relationships.

I will take 10 out of 10 times the clients that aren’t financially growing as fast but are willing to do the work until it works.

The clients that:

Refer and do it frequently.
Allow for reasonable rates of return.
Show up with integrity and compassion.
Understand and trust the results will come when they align their internal game to said results (otherwise the strategy is not sustainable).

I statistically support my clients in earning record-breaking months from scratch like droughts to multiple five figure weeks but I am not a miracle worker.

I cannot and will not try to turn a loser into a winner. I believe in taking winners to new heights of achievement and deeper fulfillment.

Signs of a winner are individuals that are already super successful in other areas of their lives but not quite there in the area we have decided to work through together.

But why aren’t you necessarily striving for the ones that will see the highest financial returns?

Because a client making a lot of money and quickly doesn’t necessarily mean that they are business-minded.

They may have a lot of internal resistance and be looking for a way to sabotage that success because it is not congruent with what they believe they deserve and are worthy of.