You know what I’ve noticed about super sharp experts?

They have THE MOST integrity and because they feel SO strongly about ensuring that they don’t do anything that ever compromises their integrity,

they undercharge.
they over-give.
they shrink back.

And take on relationships with clients and others that are uninspiring and leave them feeling limp and underappreciated.

So, when you see them charging $2K for something that others are charging $10K for – don’t assume that it is because the expert is:

don’t have the experience to get you results
or basic in ANY way

It is usually that internally they don’t FEEL ready to charge the full value of their services.

And you know what else?

There aren’t enough client testimonials in the world to make them feel ready to full ASK and receive the full value of their work.

So, as you can see this is a MASSIVE problem.

These experts who are GENIUS level don’t know how to get their physical and emotional being in line with charging what their services are worth and therefore poorly position themselves for the clients that absolutely DESIRE to get their high-level support.

So, what’s the solution?

Become a part of a container where you not only get the strategic and tactical HOW of running your business after first deciding on what the ideal business looks like for you but also getting FULL support to shift the internal game responsible for FEELING READY.

That feeling won’t EVER fucking come from journaling.


You could just decide to follow-through and push past the internal resistance like a disciplined person BUT C’MON.

There’s a more FUN and less gruesome way to go about it!

Want it? Join the SBA. Its THAT simple.