When I started my business, I was sold on doing one-to-one consultancy work because it was an easy no-tech, low resistance way to get my feet wet and start applying all of my knowledge, experience, and genius.

One-to-one consulting work is great for many reasons including the fact that you get to really find your consulting style, test what works to get your clients the best results, see patterns between soulmate clients versus clients from hell, and a lot of other great things.

But looking back had I known what I known today, I would have transitioned into the hybrid consulting model sooner.

If you are unfamiliar with what the hybrid model looks like, it is essentially you are using a mix of productized training with live consulting to serve your clients.

Personally, I don’t love hosting consulting calls on the phone for things that are the same from person to person; videos can do that.

I also have two young children under 4 years old that require lots of attention so its not the most ideal situation to have to hop on calls all the time.

But even more, I realized that my client results actually improved when I got OFF of the phone and gave them the material to review at their own convenience and then come together for calls as needed.

So the benefits of switching from one-to-one consulting to the hybrid consulting model were that my time opened up, my clients results improved, and I didn’t have to lower my rates whatsoever so I could take on more clients and earn more money in the process.

This was completely counter-intuitive to what I thought would happen because of a lot of mindset crap that was playing tricks on me but that’s a share for another time.

So, I worked the hybrid model and still got on calls as needed but I wanted to expand past having just a single offer and had a lot of programs that I wanted to offer.

The programs I wanted to create were usually $750 -$2000 and they covered different pieces that my clients wanted support with so I knew that I wouldn’t want to sustain the call feature when adding half a dozen programs to my product suite. So, I transitioned into course work.

I genuinely thought my entire business would suffer if I made this decision. However, to my surprise with a conscious soft launch after a social challenge I generated $6000 in sales in my first round.

Due to a lot of mind-shit I didn’t do this again the following month and my income went in the toilet but I now knew I had something that was repeatable and able to generate a lot of cash quickly with moderate effort.

At first I thought that it was that I am lazy and that’s why I don’t want to be the one doing all the implementation work in my business and because I didn’t have a team in place to pick up where I was falling short, my business suffered. What I have come to realize is that I am actually a visionary and facilitator which means that my energy is more consistent with leading, appointing, and overseeing my company versus being the one in the trenches building out the operations, marketing, sales, and fulfillment.

Once I fully owned who I am and how I am designed, everything shifted. I built out a masterful onboarding system for my team, hired an executive assistant, a marketing intern, and started putting my energy to use very differently than before.

I focused on “Who do I need to put in this role to get the job done?” instead of “What do I need to do in order to produce the result?”

I honestly believe that I have stepped deeper into my role as a CEO instead of an operator and the more I release task-wise, the greater impact and profit I will earn in my business.

But that’s not the end of my business model changes. My newest addition to the Amanda Hines International brand is a yearly membership academy that allows for my clients to go through all of my courses at a super affordable and no-brainer price-point where they receive laser- targeted and customized attention for their particular businesses.

To learn more about this container, click here.

This membership community has created a lot more freedom and stability in my income because it is recurring versus active.

The one-to-one consulting, hybrid, and course models required me to always be on the lookout for the next sale each month. With memberships, it provided more freedom in knowing that for 12 month my income would be solidified. Some clients pay-in-full for the year which also adds a boost to the cash-flow for the month they enroll so I personally enjoy this model.

What these different models have shown me is that there is no ONE business model that allows for you to be incredibly profitable. The common denominator in everything is also you, the creator, and when you are in vibrational alignment to the results you seek, you will always come out a winner.

My mindset in my first three years of my business was relatively the same and so my income didn’t move much from one year to the next but once I started investing in a hypnotherapist that is also a perk to joining my membership community, I changed internally.

I became much more detached from the particular business model or any of the insignificant details of the business and that allowed me to make decisions I would have never agreed to even though I fully understood the profitability of those decisions in the beginning.

In other words, my vibe didn’t support wealth, ease, and prosperity as much in the first three years of my business as it does today.

I project that I will at least triple my revenue within the next three months – if not more.

And that’s why in my membership community, I have training that is specified to the particular business model that supports the expert versus trying to tell my clients to do exactly what is working for me right now.