Everyone talks about how they are committed to serving at their highest…

Working ONLY with those that they are pretty sure will get incredible results from their offers, programs, and services

But how many people ACTUALLY mean that?

Well, this past week I’ve spoken to LOTS of people that aren’t even at the baseline of starting a successful business.

Their mindset won’t allow them – as it is now – to have a fair shot at success.

And so, when I can see this to be GLARINGLY obvious, I turn them AWAY from my programs.

Yes, my programs are great and will provide the marketing foundation to help you build a profitable business.

But when a lead is questioning you with things like:

“How do I know I’ll get results from this?”

“How do I know you are legit?”

Or making statements like:

“I cannot afford this because I am investing in ”

That is a RESOUNDING NO for me.

You aren’t all in on building a profitable business.
You got a LOT of doubts that don’t have anything to do with me.

And my business, my offers, and my character aren’t going to be harassed by YOUR insecurities.

And that is when I will kindly refer those people to the best freaking mindset coach that I can.

Someone that can help them HEAL on the deepest of levels if they are open to it.

I am pretty sure everyone in the world should have a mindset coach.

It should be a business requirement.

See, starting a business requires that you have your head in the game and if it is clear as day that it is not, I won’t be asking to you to join me in anything that I do unless that thing is led by someone who could potentially help you shift the inner cobwebs that are so deeply netted together that you question yourself on every little thing.

I am NOT in the convincing business.
I am in the help winners WIN MORE business.

Just to be crystal clear.