In February of 2018, I created a program to help my audience build momentum from their first paying clients to creating an endless pipeline of cash and clients on their terms.

But because I didn’t want to ONLY use organic marketing and prospecting to fill it, I hired a marketing team to help me launch a FB ads campaign to reach a larger pool of my market.

My goal was to acquire 80 pre-qualified leads and I was willing to spend $1000 to do it.

As a brand messaging strategist and marketing foundations expert, I knew what I needed for this to be successful.

So, I created the lead magnets.
I wrote a sales page.
I had a ton of content written for re-marketing.

I created just about ALL of the elements I needed in order for this to be a successful launch including the sales page for the offer.

The only thing I truly needed support on was the FB ads.

So, I hired a team (copywriter + ads duo) to ensure that the campaign was successfully launched so that I could hit my summer income goal.

The entire time working with the team, deadlines were missed and communications were ignored.

The ads ended up being launched a day before my prospecting campaign was to start.

It was 21 days too late.

The team was hired with 2 months advance with knowledge of the prospecting campaign start date.

So, I walked away with a second well-written sales page but a campaign that wasn’t successfully launched.

Instead of just accepting defeat, I promoted the entire thing organically with only three days prior to the campaign start date and filled the campaign with less than a dozen people.

I earned about $3000 in sales on a $750 offer.

That was instance number one.

I hired a colleague to redo the landing page for my prospecting campaign and decided we could launch this again.

The colleague wrote beautiful copy for the pages and I continue to use them till this day.

But I still needed the FB ads done so I hired another marketing team and stayed on them to ensure they delivered.

Not only did they NOT deliver the ads, they acted as if they didn’t know that’s what I hired them for. Da fuq?!

They wrote the email sequence I also paid for and created a FB group banner.

But even the email sequence was for the wrong phase of my campaign and they wanted me to pay again to fix it.

Needless to say, I was at wits end with these so-called professionals.

That was instance number two.

This time I hired an ads consultant that appeared to be of integrity and genuinely able to help me achieve my launch goals.

The campaign was not successful and showed early signs of under-performance but I decided to follow through, anyway.

This was the first time of the three marketing groups i hired that actually launched the ads and did it on time.

However, the overall campaign failed and in a last ditch effort, I converted ONE lead from the ads into a client to meet a break-even on ad spend.

After three failed attempts, I took a few months break. By this time, we were in the last quarter of the year.

I got on calls with more ads specialists but none of them felt right and at this point it was hard to trust that they could do any better than the last three.

No one could give me a play-by-play of how to even run brand awareness ads saying that my strategy was “unnecessary” to getting conversions.

…Until I met one humble advertiser.

She was launching a FB ads course to help experts successfully setup and launch their own ads.

I resisted.

This was the exact thing I didn’t want to do: take on the emotional load of learning how to setup my own ads and then develop the campaigns from scratch.

But I couldn’t see myself hiring another marketing team to do this for me. Three negative experiences back-to-back was my cap.

But the humble advertiser kept reaching out and following up to invite me to her course.

I released some of the emotional charge around the past experiences and decided that I would give this a go.

It turned out to be the BEST decision I made for my business.

I gained FULL competency around developing my ads and started to see positive results early on in my campaigns that helped me to know that they would be successful in the end.

And pre-qualified leads started rolling in on a more automated basis.

So, if you are unhappy about your results from your ads and think that you must be doing something wrong, know that it took ME – an expert in copywriting and client acquisition 10 months to get to a point where my ads were performing at a decent rate.

It is not to say that you have to wait 10 months for them to produce positive results. In fact, with the right marketing message, a fully qualified ads team, and a great end product you can start seeing results right away.

When you are NOT seeing immediate results, do not assume that it is that your message is off or that you don’t truly know your audience. It could be that you don’t have the technical piece of advertising clear.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that my message, audience, and offer match. There is ZERO doubt in that department.

But if you even have 1% doubt that your audience, your marketing message, or offer is aligned and would like to ensure that you get it tight and right join me for my upcoming 5 Day Sprint that sorts this all out for you.

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