One of the biggest things that I stress on a regular basis is that you should aim to work with a mentor that can support you based on where you are in your business journey.

If you are still in a space of exploration and playing to discover your zone of genius and the thing that you want to hang your hat on, that doesn’t require a business coach of any kind. Go play.

If you are confident that you’ve found something you love doing and it feels natural and euphoric, then the first thing to do is to find a consultant that specializes in the early stages of business development.

A consultant that specializes in the earliest stages of your business development will give you a plan for a high-return organic marketing and client fulfillment strategies as opposed to scaling tactics like FB ads and lead generation campaigns. They will also be able to help you structure your business model to support your lifestyle from the beginning rather than waiting until you are near burnout.

Once you are at a space where you understand how to find and secure clients through prospecting and high-value sales you want to move on to working with a consultant that can help you align your marketing to essentially drive high-volumes of traffic to your business.

The consultant that you hire to help you should have a handle on marketing strategy and tactical execution. In other words, do not hire a FB ads technician looking for them to completely take your organic business to new heights. The expert you hire must understand the marketing principles and have strategies that will align to your business model and desired results.

This is not where the mentorship begins but the topic was more about why MY clients are able to acquire $12K weeks with me but not with others.

And it is simple: because I specialize in working with brilliant experts that are in the early stages of their business development and WILL NOT take any client that is too green or too mature in their businesses.

I am incredibly picky because I understand that the more aligned the client is in terms of character, business type, and stage of business the more likely it is that I can guide them to rapidly create profits in their businesses.

On the flip-side of that, if I cannot help someone to move forward in their business, it is outside of my personal values to take them on as a client and so I will refer them to someone more aligned to serve them.

So tell me in the comments, what do you look for when hiring a consultant or mentor to help you ascend in your business?