Why visualization is both powerful and scary af.

Sometime last year I started reading Psycho-Cybernetics which is deemed one of the most influential books, ever.

In it, the author talks about visualization and how you can visualize something repeatedly so that when the event actually rolls around you have practiced perfectly in your mind and the body responds as if it remembers practicing in real life.

Then, yesterday I stumbled upon a FB episode of Jay Shetty talking about the very same thing with a group of basketball players that visualized practicing free-throws who when the day came to actually compete they had great accuracy in their shot.

So, I thought to myself, well, why not try this technique to practice my own next level and what came next was shocking.

Not only did I see myself doing the things that next level me required but I also felt and experienced the same fears around doing the thing come up in my body as if it were already happening.

Thoughts like, “You can’t say that, Amanda!”

“You’re not ready for this, yet!”

And then I remembered something that I did several months ago that literally tripled my income and that was to LEAP before I felt ready.

See, your body is about SEVEN YEARS behind the rest of your consciousness.

It’s always behind.

It’s been backed by science but that’s why you usually won’t FEEL ready for something and if you do, you should have started a LOT sooner.

But what I like about this visualization exercise is that I get to stir up what is under the surface by looking at my next level, come back to reality and clear up the cobwebs and then act from the place of my future self.

I have a feeling that if you do this, you will accelerate faster than your mind could ever imagine.

Act from the place of where you desire to be 7 years from now. Heal the hurt, pain, resentment, etc. that would be keeping you from taking massive action 7 years from now.

Because what you can do in 7 years, you can do, have, BE now.

Time is only real on the physical plane and an illusion everywhere else.

Literally, step into your future.

If you want help getting there then let’s talk!