GTF Over your *self* LADY.

Here’s what I know.

You are brilliant.
You are smart.
You are in the know.
You are educated.

But you are also stubborn.
Controlling AF.
Want to have the first and the last say in EVERYTHING.

And that’s why your business isn’t growing as fast and as furiously as it could.

You want to be the leader AND the operator.
And that’s NOT your calling.

You want to be the trainer AND the CEO.
Again, that is NOT your calling.

You want to be the BEING and the DOER.
Again, that is NOT your calling.

And so I am going to respectfully recommend you to GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF.

You are not living out your truth, purpose, and calling
NOR WILL YOU EVER until you step off the ego bus and align yourself to ONLY give your energy where it is required.

That means STOP people-pleasing.
STOP hiding behind your education and pedigree.

Your qualification doesn’t run this show; calling does.

And you already know this even though you pretend that you don’t.

But enough is enough.

God isn’t going to love you more for playing small.
He won’t give you more blessings for forgetting what you’re called to do.

In fact, He will continue to remind you of what you were ALREADY told.

There goes that stubbornness, again!