Do you know what message you put across when you discount your rates as a service provider?

So, the first is that I have totally been one to dramatically discount my rates in the past so this is not coming from a “Holier than thou” standpoint. Let’s just get that clear…

  • Even when I knew my offers were legit
  • Even when I knew that I was willing to give my heart and soul to my soulmate clients
  • Even when I knew that people were less experienced and knowledgeable were selling similar offers at premium price points

… I discounted my rates for two reasons and neither of them that I am about to mention have to do with true integrity but I am going to share them with you, anyway.

So the absolute root cause that I discounted my services was because I just really wanted and many times felt I NEEDED to get my prospects to say yes.

And the reasoning was that if I lowered the bar of entry to work with me that I could get over the perceived price resistance and avoid the “It costs too much money” objection that business owners that sell premium price points have had in their lives by this point in their careers.

But what I didn’t realize was that I was looking for a physical sensation in my body that equated to feeling good.

I was getting a dopamine hit every time my clients would say yes and would do whatever it took to “make sure” of it.

But that’s unhealthy…

  1. Because you are putting your prospects’ responses to your offers on a pedestal.
  2. You are saying that you are willing to do whatever it takes for their business and that their YES is the most important thing. Their YES is not the most important thing.

You can and should feel good regardless of whether they desire to move forward with their transformation working with you.

And that’s another reason I feel it is so important to integrate true marketing automation into your business.

You have more opportunities for the RIGHT people to say yes without begging or pitching because there is a consistent stream of people coming in and invited to make a decision.

Now, if you are currently discounting your rates ask yourself if are you doing this because you think it serves your audience?