So, you know how all these LOA enthusiasts talk about how you just gotta be in the energy of money to receive it?

Well, guess what?

Money doesn’t APPRECIATE laziness; although it respects SYSTEMS which are built around efficiency and ease.

Money LOVES movement; both IN and OUT which is why you gotta have a conscious flow of income and expenses.

Money ADORES attention and gets offended when you don’t watch it like the way you watch your social media news-feed.

Money will throw itself at you for the purposes of PLEASURE!

So, what does that mean for you and your business?

It means that you gotta get accustomed to figuring out how you can have LOTS of pleasure and continually create movement that produces more opportunities to get paid.

Let me break this down even further…

Pleasure is you booking clients and projects that excite you.
Pleasure is you releasing all the non-incoming producing, busy-bee nonsense and focusing 80%+ of your time on what again – excites you.
Pleasure is you setting your business schedules to be in environments that light you up, make you feel wonderful, and expand your imagination of what is possible for you.

Pleasure is NOT…

You sitting on your butt watching GoT or RHOA waiting for a client to come to you especially when no-one knows who you are, what you do, or that you are even in business.

Its also not you about you procrastinating from the REAL work (internal mostly and external as in get your shit done) for the sake of saying you want to just relax and experience pleasure.



Don’t insult your own Greater Intelligence with that nonsense about how you aren’t meant to work or that you don’t have any mental/emotional/psychological resistance the would benefit from you spending time learning about who you truly are as a Sovereign being created to BE great and do great, impossible things.

But here’s the point of this –

You want MORE?

ACT like it actually excites you to BE in the energy of it.