If you’ve been around for any period of time you know that I preach how much you must SURRENDER in this life in order to ever BECOME the fullness and whole version of yourself

that just creates epic goodness by way of who she (or he) is rather than live this vanilla boorishness of a life (pauses only to take a breath).

But let me give you some practical, why-you-must for the sake of profit, riches, financial freedom, etc. reasons TO SURRENDER because that may be the only language you are currently able to hear and there’s no judgment around that – it is what it is.

You are programmed to operate in your zone of genius which effectively and equally means that you are NOT programmed to be a Jill of All trades and Master of NOTHING.

Do you know what happens when the Oprah’s, Jay-Z’s, RuPaul’s, and anyone you know, love, and adore worth mentioning tries to DO IT ALL?

First of all they FAIL MISERABLY and secondly…

No-one ever gets the chance to know them.
No-one ever gets the chance to witness their greatness.
No-one ever gets to see them in all your glory being the epic, amazing creation that God planted on this Earth to do their purpose work.

That’s if they ever get around to doing purpose work, at all!

Too busy washing the dog OR the dishes OR whatever.
Too busy tinkering away and trying to figure out things you were never meant to figure out.
Too busy reinventing the wheel because you refuse support.
Too busy focusing on whether or not people like you enough to do X, Y, Z thing.
Too busy learning shit that was already figured out, simplified, and streamlined because you are hell-bent on saying you were “self-made” and it was your wit that got you *here.*

All this busyness equates to money lost, efficiency down the drain, opportunities to reach more people, secure more clients, and get your purpose message out to the world WASTED.

If there is someone else better suited to do something and you hate it why else would you continue to VOLUNTARILY stress yourself out, sabotage your profit, and waste your time with doing the task other than the fact that you are controlling?

You may say fear but I challenge back to your identity to say that God did not give you the Spirit of fear so that’s an excuse worth dropping effectively immediately.

See, becoming wildly profitable, abundant, and secure cannot happen if you don’t surrender this Type A conditioning.

If all you cared about was money alone and truly wanted to earn as much of it as humanly possible you would immediately also realize how insane it would be to NOT have people who have worked within organizations and on teams doing that exact thing for decades fast-track you to do what they have supported others in accomplishing.

If all you cared about was serving as many people with your purpose work as possible you would get on the train like Jesus and call in your 12 disciples and have them connect to your message, become one with it, and then go out and multiply your impact alongside of you.

If all you cared about was owning your time and being able to do what you want with whom you want on whichever rooftop you want you would also realize that you can buy other people’s time and eliminate the need for additional manpower altogether with the right systems in place for your business.

No matter which way you turn YOU being in the operator’s seat trying to figure this all out is a losing situation for your business, your time, your money, and your mission.

No-one wins.

That’s the logical reasoning to why surrender is the BEST move you can make in your business right now.

So just do it.